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Who are we?

There are about 40 of us at OverBlog, and we spend all our time monitoring, imagining, coding, discussing, designing, improving, and reinventing the OverBlog platform. Originally from France, we are now an international company based in Paris and Toulouse, of course, but we've also set up shop in New York and Milan. OverBlog has users in 110 countries.

When you join OverBlog, you become part of an ambitious, international project where you'll work with the best engineers on cutting-edge tech. But, more importantly, you'll be supporting the powerful and very human vision of our three cofounders, Frédéric, Julien and Gilles.

Some of the pluses of working at OverBlog include foosball, young coworkers, team spirit, a barbecue, a big-screen TV, a game center. It doesn't bother us at all to have an "eternal startup" image. ;-)