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What's the difference between OverBlog, Tumblr and Wordpress?

OverBlog is as simple and viral as Tumblr, and as feature-rich and versatile as Wordpress.

OverBlog is as easy to use as Tumblr

An elegant design that is easy to apply

When you use OverBlog, you can choose from among our elegant, high-quality professional designs for every kind of site. Applying our themes to your site requires just one thing: a click.

Easy to use for everybody

Anyone can create a site with OverBlog. It's easy and instantaneous. You don't have to be a seasoned blogger, or to have any programming knowledge. No technical skills are required. All you need is a desire to share.

Create your account, write your first article, and publish. There. Now you're a blogger.

OverBlog is fast because you're a busy person

With OverBlog, you can get right down to the important part. Publish a Flash Post in 2 seconds. Repost an interesting article you saw on another blog. Publish a quote in 2 seconds. Quickly organize the content of your article by dragging and dropping the different elements where you want them. OverBlog is intuitive and designed to save you time. Or, in other words, it's designed not to waste your time. Nothing stands between you and your creativity.

As feature-rich and versatile as Wordpress

Completely customizable themes

Our themes are great just the way they are. But we still give you the option to customize them as much as you want to, through your admin panel or by modifying the code itself. You decide.

Use multiple file types and make every article exactly what you want it to be

Unlike Tumblr, OverBlog doesn't limit what you can put in your articles. You want to publish just a photo? Click on the "Images" icon and publish. Add a video, photo, link, map, music... Basically any kind of file you want, wherever you want it to appear. Anything goes on OverBlog. There are no limits to the content you can create.

OverBlog is made in France

Unlike Tumblr and Wordpress, OverBlog was created in France. Its core team is divided between Toulouse and Paris.