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How do I migrate a Wordpress / Blogger / Tumblr blog to OverBlog?

We've built a special tool that lets you effortlessly import a blog from one of the main blog platforms to OverBlog.

If you have a blog on Blogger, DotClear, LiveJournal, Tumbr or Wordpress, this is how you move your blog to OverBlog:

  • First, create your site in 2 clicks.
  • Go into "Settings."
  • Go into the Import/Export section.
  • Enter the URL of the blog you want to import.
  • Follow the prompts.

The procedure varies depending on which platform your blog is currently on. Follow the step-by-step instructions to easily import your old blog into OverBlog. All of your posts will be preserved, including images and comments.

If your existing blog has more than 1,000 posts, please contact our VIP service.